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Don’t Let Your Real Estate License Expire!

If you don’t have the time to work your real estate business,

You can still be making money through our referral network.

We are a Real Estate Brokerage Firm Licensed in CT, NY and MA. Our network of licensed Agents send referrals throughout these states to qualified top local agents. We have been in the Real Estate Business for over 35 Years with a reputation for providing high quality real estate services

About Our Network

Referral Fee

Upon the closing of the transaction, you receive 20% of the  Fee we collect on the entire transaction. No additional agency splits.


We always send the referrals to our most qualified agents.

Fee Agreement

Our fee agreements are transparent. All terms are spelled out and easy to understand. No hidden fees. No monthly dues. Just collect your commission.

How It Works

#1 Transfer your active license to our network for no fee

#2 Contact our dedicated Referral Specialist Directly to place a referral

#3 Your referral is given to a top local agent to close the transaction

#4 Get paid directly to your local bank or financial institution

It’s that easy

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